Contributing Authors: Sonia Kéfi, Florian Schneider, Alain Danet, Alexandre Génin, Angeles G. Mayor, Susana Bautista, Max Rietkerk, Koen Siteur
Editor: Jane Brandt
Source document: Kéfi, S., Schneider, F. Danet, A., Génin, A. Mayor, A. G., Bautista, S. Rietkerk, M. Siteur, K. 2017. Report on indicators for critical thresholds. CASCADE Project Deliverable 6.2, 26 pp


Accompanying our review of the spatial indicators of degradation currently available in the literature [23], we developed a statistical toolbox (“earlywarnings package”) in the free programming R environment whose code is freely available online at »»Github: Early warning toolbox.

This toolbox allows quantifying all spatial indicators reviewed in [23] on spatial data sets. The toolbox is constantly being updated. Alexandre Génin (Ph.D. student in Montpellier with Sonia Kéfi) is working on the next version of the code with Sonia Kéfi. This new version will be made available in 2017.

With our collaborator Vasilis Dakos, we also set up a webpage aiming at describing and explaining the various indicators (in time and space) and their theoretical foundation, giving some concrete examples of case studies and references from the literature (Figure 1). See »»Early Warning Signals Toolbox. This webpage will also keep being updated with the latest development regarding spatial indicators.

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